Fiba Group Manages Risk Awareness with Forcerta AWARE

Publication Date

December 29, 2023


Fiba Group

Fiba Group:  Operating in the banking and finance, energy, retail, tourism, real estate and asset management sectors, it provides added value to society through its social investments.

Developing its investments with innovative technologies, the Group’s banking and finance investments in Turkey include Fibabanka, Fiba Emeklilik, Fiba Factoring, Fiba Portfolio Management and Future Asset Management.

Continuing its growth with national and international investments, Fiba Group draws its strength from its expert employees in each of the sectors in which it operates. 


It operates in the banking and finance, energy, retail, tourism, real estate and asset management sectors and provides added value to society through its social investments.

So How?

In order to achieve this goal, it is possible to provide customized content for everyone in different roles and sectors, from senior management to blue collar, from finance to retail, and with a year-round program that will ensure continuity. Of course, it is not realistic to achieve this once a year with educational content that will appeal to the general public.

Why Forcerta AWARE Service?

Fiba Holding CISO Ünal Kocabaş - Forcerta AWARE

Fiba Holding CISO (Information Security Director) Ünal KOCABAŞ: With Forcerta AWARE, the annual cyber security program, prepared and monitored in cooperation with the company, is offered as a holistic service. When such a program is aimed to produce effective results, effort and focus are required to customize all content from training to tips, from newsletters to posters with the company theme, to implement phishing scenarios, and to monitor all activities for all companies within the company. In addition to carrying out the entire program with its experienced consultants, Forcerta made a significant contribution to our process by monitoring the development with both individual, department, institution and group-based measurements and presenting it to us with monthly reports. It increased our muscle power as an extension of our information security team. While customized contents were conveyed to senior management with the experiences of consultants who have served in this field for many years, special contents were also prepared and presented for profiles such as IT employees, system and network administrators.

With regular reports and interviews provided every month, it is useful to evaluate the development trend for the past period together and to enrich our decisions and contents according to current risks and threats to stay on course. It is very important that we carry out the program in close cooperation and communication in order to ensure that the goals and requirements are met exactly and that the progress and added value achieved is visible throughout the company.