DBMaestro provides a Database Version Control and Automation solution that addresses a common challenge for almost every organization in their DevOps processes: automating database changes. DBMaestro automates database changes either with any DevOps tool, service management platform, or manually. It streamlines and automates the manual processes involved in deploying changes to databases, supporting the continuous integration approach and accelerating the process.

DBMaestro offers the ability to monitor, report, and set alarms for all database activities at both the user and record levels. It also provides the capability to pause or rollback changes if needed. DBMaestro is preferred by large financial institutions in the Turkish market.

The key capabilities of DBMaestro can be summarized in three main categories:

  1. Database Release & Automation: Streamlining and automating the database change and deployment process.

  2. Database Source Control: Managing and controlling the source code for databases.

  3. Database Security & Compliance: Ensuring database security and compliance with regulations.