Mandiant and Threat Intelligence

In the world of cybersecurity, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors and defenders are constantly trying to outwit each other. Data on a threat actor’s next move is crucial so organizations can proactively adapt their defenses and prevent future attacks.

The collection of evidence-based information (context, mechanisms, indicators, inferences and action-oriented recommendations) about existing or emerging threats or hazards to organizations leads organizations to purchase Threat Intelligence services.

As Forcerta, we meet the threat intelligence needs of our customers with the Threat Intelligence solution of Mandiant, a company known as a leader in its field.

Founded in 2004, Mandiant is recognized globally as a market leader for its expertise in threat intelligence, incident response and security consulting to businesses, governments and law enforcement . Mandiant Advantage SaaS Platform has a scalable and customizable structure that can provide existing intelligence, automation of alert investigation, and prioritization and verification of security control products from various vendors to confidently prepare any organization against cyber threats.

Mandiant Advantage Platform

Mandiant Advantage is a multi-vendor XDR platform that brings Mandiant’s transformative expertise and front-line intelligence to security teams of organizations of all sizes. The effectiveness of the security provided is not limited to the security controls implemented, but is based on the expertise and intelligence behind them. Platform modules are provided with up-to-date and relevant threat data and analysis expertise by Mandiant Intel Grid . This approach provides organizations with the advantage of early information and the convenience of being equipped with ongoing security verification , detection and response .


The functions of the platform are summarized below:

Attack Surface Management: Enables the discovery of internet assets in a dynamic, distributed and shared environment. Additionally, it continuously monitors discovered assets, exposures, and enables intelligence and red teams to operationalize and inform risk management.

The functions of the platform are summarized below:

Attack Surface Management: Enables the discovery of internet assets in a dynamic, distributed and shared environment. Additionally, it continuously monitors discovered assets, exposures, and enables intelligence and red teams to operationalize and inform risk management.

Security Validation: Guides targeted testing of your defenses by leveraging Mandiant’s frontline threat intelligence and early knowledge of the latest and emerging hostile threats most relevant to your organization. This is an automated, continuous testing program that provides your security team with real data on how your security controls behavior under attack, so it is possible to make the necessary changes to your security environment before an attack occurs.

Digital Threat Monitoring: Open, deep and dark web monitoring underground markets, paste sites, blogs, social media, forums, malware repositories and more to predict attacks and detect unknown data and credential leaks uses industry-leading threat intelligence for visibility.

Breach Analytics for Chronicle: Uses findings from Mandiant Incident Response and deep threat intelligence research to systematically reduce an organization’s exposure to threats . Automation enables continuous and proactive detection of new enemy presence and behavior at a fraction of the cost of today’s manual efforts.

Threat Intelligence: Mandiant Threat Intelligence provides security practitioners with unparalleled visibility and expertise into the threats that currently matter to their business. Our threat intelligence is compiled by more than 500 threat intelligence analysts in 30 countries and investigates actors through covert adversarial pursuits, incident forensics, malicious infrastructure reconstructions, and actor identification processes comprised of deep knowledge built into Mandiant Intel Grid. Threat Intelligence can be delivered as a technology, run side by side with your team, or fully managed by Mandiant experts.

Managed Detection and Response: Enjoy peace of mind knowing Mandiant is on the job protecting you against advanced and emerging threats. Our managed detection and response (MDR) service protects your business with lightning-fast detection, human analysis, and expert response across endpoint, network, cloud, email, and operational technology, around the clock. Managed Defense supports a wide range of products and vendors, from endpoint to network to cloud telemetry.

Benefits of Mandiant Solutions

The opportunities that Mandiant’s solutions provide to institutions are summarized below.

Proactive Exposure Management: Mandiant helps you identify who is targeting your organization, where you are exposed, whether you are prepared to defend and respond, and whether you are actively being attacked.

Public Solutions: The entire public domain, from national to municipal, faces increasing threats from information operations, cyber espionage, and cyber attacks on critical social infrastructure. Mandiant helps protect nations and citizens with speed, scale and efficiency; With the advantage of early information, it provides effective proactive cyber defense in national, local and educational environments.

Digital Risk Protection: Provides security professionals with visibility outside their organization, the ability to identify high-risk attack vectors, malicious orchestration from the deep and dark web, and attack campaigns on the open web. Mandiant’s digital risk protection solution also provides contextual information about threat actors and their tactics, techniques and procedures to provide a more secure cyber threat profile.

Ransomware: Ideally, a ransomware attack is caught in its earliest stages. Mandiant provides the unique ability to find intrusions that precede ransomware distribution quickly and at scale.

Know Who’s Targeting You: With Mandant Threat Intelligence, you can learn the most used tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used against organizations just like yours and adopt a proactive security strategy.

Know What’s Exposed: Mandiant enables you to gain visibility into critical assets, cloud resources, and business relationships and identify where risks may serve as exploitable entry points.

Know Your Readiness: Mandiant provides proactive testing and verification of your effectiveness in defending and protecting your organization’s critical assets.

Know If You’ve Been Breached: Detecting a breach and accessing on-call incident response experts requires operational intelligence in near real-time. This is where Mandiant helps you identify vulnerabilities.