Professional Services

With our expert staff with extensive knowledge and experience in finance, telecom and IT sectors; We provide professional services such as consultancy, managed services, strategic outsourcing to reduce the risks of our customers and increase their agility.

Corporate companies make investments and take various measures to increase their cyber security resilience against current threats and to strengthen their structures. However, the 3rd Parties they work with can cause weakness due to both the level of information security awareness and the power to establish the relevant controls. To fill such gaps.

Taking into account the legal regulations and current threats in our country, we created the Forcerta TRIM Service packages to carry out the 3rd Party Risk Management that institutions need, under the leadership of our senior consultants with more than 20 years of industry experience, with our trained technical experts. The scope of this service is as follows:

With the Customized Risk Programs, development and improvement points are determined in the whole process, starting from the selection of the 3rd party until the end of the service received, taking into account the content of the service provided. Strategies are developed to deal with improvement actions within a program, Automation tools that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the process are at the center of the service. Using these tools, 3rd Party risks are constantly tested and scored with the outside insight an attacker can gain. Inputs obtained during the whole process are evaluated and concrete outputs are produced. 

Cyber security is not only for information security teams; It is a shared responsibility that includes all employees within the organization. With our Forcerta AWARE professional service package, it is aimed to improve the level of information security awareness and maturity at every layer from “Individual” to “Institution”.

For this purpose, an Annual Information Security Awareness Program is established. Within the scope of the program, a different theme is selected for each month, and educational content, bulletins, phishing drills, posters, screen savers and tips are customized with the institution’s own logo and visuals. With monthly reports, progress is measured and reported at different levels, from individual to business units and corporate levels.

These measurements are scored and monitored in a concrete way, taking into account the completed trainings, the success of the exams after these trainings, and the results of the phishing drills.

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In today’s competitive business world, the ability of institutions to make fast and accurate decisions depends on their ability to produce information from data.

For the continuity of business operations, it is vital to classify “information assets” and provide secure access according to their authorization levels.

With our Forcerta DataG professional service, we offer institutions an end-to-end solution for discovering and classifying data assets within the entire institution, creating data processes and providing secure access.

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