crtMAN Digital Certificate Management Services


crtMAN enables the creation of the process necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the lifecycle management of digital certificates . The design required to create the inventory of digital certificates is also created by crtMAN . crtMAN, which facilitates quite complex and challenging digital certificate processes , is a service that provides significant added value to institutions .

Digital certificates ( also known as x.509 Certificates ) are one of the most important components of cyber security. Digital certificates are the only way to secure web services and authenticate machines . Now HTTP, LDAP, SMTP, FTP, RDP, etc. Most protocols are encrypted through digital certificates . Increasing data breaches and security incidents have once again demonstrated the importance of digital certificates. However, the increase in the use and volume of digital certificates brings with it a serious management challenge .

What is Certificate Life Cycle Management (CLM, Certificate Life Cycle Management)?

Certificate lifecycle management is a process that covers operations such as installing, inventorying, monitoring, securing and renewing a digital certificate from its production to its expiration . The most important step in successful certificate lifecycle management is discovery and inventory creation . Because certificates have limited lifespans, a missed certificate could result in a severe service outage .

A guide for effective certificate lifecycle management was published in the ” Effectively Manage Your Organization’s Certificates ” report published by Gartner in 2024 . In this guide , seven core functions are defined as shown in the image below .

Accordingly, choosing a flexible and adaptable automation application with advanced features is seen as the most important component. In addition, automation alone is not sufficient; good planning and structuring of the processes to be defined for the functions is another important component.

crtman cycle

What is crtMAN?

crtMAN is a service with technical and consulting components provided by Forcerta for effective and efficient digital certificate lifecycle management . Digital certificates are of great importance in today’s cyber security field . For this reason, it is widely used in institutions’ systems and applications. Research[1] has revealed that by the end of 2021, the number of certification-related systems (applications, machines, operating systems, etc.) per institution is 250,000 on average and is expected to increase by 42% annually .

For installations with more than 10,000 employees , this figure rises to 320,000 by the beginning of 2022 and is projected to more than quadruple to 1.3 million by 2025 . These figures reveal that the management of digital certificates requires a comprehensive and detailed study . If these studies do not have proper feasibility and project planning, it will inevitably turn into a process that takes years . With the crtMAN service, institutions will easily overcome the challenges shared below .

  • Establishment of central administration
  • Discovery and inventory
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Creating workflows
  • Determining automation needs
  • Determining automation requirements
  • Providing automation integrations
  • Establishing processes and policies

What are the benefits of crtMAN?

Digital certificates include the following operations throughout their lifecycle:

  • Discovery of certificates
  • Generation of certificates
  • Installing certificates
  • Taking certificates into inventory
  • Monitoring certificates
  • Renewal of certificates

The subcomponents of these operations vary depending on the target system. For example, the certificate formats , secret key properties and installation of certificates used by a Linux-based system and a Windows-based system are completely different from each other. The certificate procedures here vary completely depending on whether a service published on load balancer devices is L4 or SSL offloaded

In short, all these systems   must be evaluated in  detail from end to end . crtMAN service provides the knowledge and experience that  institutions  need in  certificate lifecycle management  . In addition,  it offers the design and architectural studies  required to  operate complex certification processes at  a certain  standard .

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