Payporter Shares Experiences About Forcerta AWARE

Publication Date

January 17, 2024


PayPorter Shares Its Experiences with Forcerta AWARE - Cyber Security Awareness Service

Siber Güvenlik Farkındalık Hizmeti - AWARE müşterisi Payporter

Can you summarize in a few sentences the needs that led you to acquire this service?

We are a company in the finance sector that places great importance on Information Security. We have obligations to continuously maintain, test, and monitor a high level of training and awareness among our employees. We needed platform and operational support because we could only achieve this with technological assistance.

What were the needs and project goals of your organization within the scope of this project?

  • To continuously maintain a high level of training and awareness among employees
  • To measure awareness levels with phishing tests
  • To assess the levels of employees through exams
  • To conduct individual-based tracking


Payporter - Forcerta AWARE siber güvenlik farkındalık müşterisi What were the reasons for choosing Forcerta as your partner?

The awareness platform we use has a very different format with diverse training and phishing scenario contents. Forcerta is very proficient with this platform and plays an active role in its continuous development. In addition to this, they also contribute their own expertise, offering customized report contents that can be presented to upper management, eye-catching phishing scenarios, and richer outputs with institution-themed posters and screen saver visuals.

What were the results and benefits you achieved at the end of the project? What were Forcerta’s contributions to these gains?

Having an annual plan for training, exams, and phishing tests helps prevent oversights in a busy work schedule. It was reassuring to have a trusted partner by our side to ensure that obligations were fulfilled completely.

Would you recommend Forcerta to other companies?

I would definitely recommend them. They are a team that loves their job, continually strives for improvement, and consists of effective and experienced individuals in technology.