International Airline Cybersecurity Risk Assessment 2023

Publication Date

January 24, 2024


While digital transformation in the modern business world offers airline companies the opportunity to accelerate business processes and improve customer services, the cyber security challenges brought by this process cannot be ignored. Especially airline companies with a wide customer network can be the target of cyber criminals, and this increases the importance of cyber security measures .

In this study, we examined in detail the cyber security risks of 16 international airline companies and their preparedness levels against these risks. By analyzing the data we obtained using the Security Scorecard platform , we revealed  the general readiness of these companies regarding cyber security .

Airline Companies Cyber ​​Security Risk Review Airline Companies Cyber ​​Security Risk Review 

Airline Companies Cyber ​​Security Risk Review

Our study shows that global airline companies are open to improvement in the field of cyber security . Our analysis points to the importance of improvements, especially in critical areas such as network security, domain service health, patching frequency, endpoint security, IP reputation and application security .

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