Turkey Integrator Companies Cyber Security Risk Assessment (November 2023)

Publication Date

December 28, 2023


In this study, by using the Security Scorecard platform, we analyzed the security risks of 14 organizations operating in Turkey.
technology integrator company’s cybersecurity maturity levels.
by analyzing the detailed findings and analyzing the overall cybersecurity
We have created a summary assessment of their readiness.

Integrators are companies that integrate disparate systems, products or services to make them interoperable. Security Scorecard, which we represent in Turkey as Forcerta, is a platform that monitors and scores the overall state of corporate cyber security. In summary, it identifies cyber security risks from the digital footprints of the organization and its suppliers with a hacker’s eye and recommends actions for improvement. The companies selected for the integrators subject to the study are leading organizations in their sectors with close financial and digital infrastructures.

While digital transformation in the modern business world offers companies the opportunity to accelerate business processes and improve customer service, the cyber security challenges of this process cannot be ignored. Especially technology-oriented companies such as integrators can be targeted by cyber criminals, which increases the importance of cyber security measures.

Cyber Security Risk Analysis of Integrator Companies in Turkey

In this study, we have examined in detail the cyber security risks and preparedness levels of 14 leading integrator companies in Turkey. By analyzing the data we obtained using the Security Scorecard platform, we have revealed the overall readiness of these companies in terms of cyber security.

Our study shows that integrator companies in Turkey are open to improvement in cyber security. Our analysis points to the importance of improvements especially in critical areas such as network, endpoint and application security.

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