Turkey Sectoral Cyber Security Risk Assessment 2022

Publication Date

December 28, 2023


Digital transformation allows companies to increase efficiency in their business processes and provide faster services and products to their customers  . On the other hand, with the increasing attack surface, companies’ cyber security risks also increase.

The cost of the increase in cybercrime globally to companies reached 6.9 Billion USD in 2021 . Companies in Turkey need to take widespread and effective cyber security measures due to the cyber threats they face.

Türkiye Sectoral Cyber Security Risk Review

Striking results were obtained from the study we conducted on 50  leading companies to examine the preparedness of companies in our country against cyber security risks and compare them on a sector basis .

Our review, which we conducted by tracking the digital footprints of companies and using information obtained entirely from publicly available channels, has shown that the companies have significant cyber security risks.


Sectoral Differences in Cyber Security Maturity

It has been observed that companies in sectors with stricter regulations have lower cyber security risks and therefore their cyber security maturity is at a higher level.

However, it has been observed that cyber security preparations are not at the desired level in companies that provide critical services and have sensitive personal data. 

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