Turkey Sectoral Cyber Security Risk Assessment 2023

Publication Date

January 5, 2024


In this comprehensive report, Forcerta has analyzed the cyber security performance of 50 distinguished companies operating in Turkey using the Security Scorecard platform. This study reveals a general level of awareness and consciousness about cyber security while examining the digital security status of organizations that vary on a sectoral basis.

Our analysis shows how important improvements are, especially in critical areas such as network security, endpoint protection and application security. The report underlines that cybersecurity strategies should be developed to proactively address future risks, rather than just reacting to current threats. In this context, it is crucial for organizations to take strategic steps to increase their risk management and cybersecurity maturity.

Türkiye Sektörel Siber Güvenlik Risk Haritası

This report aims to comprehensively assess cyber security risks for companies in Turkey and provide guidance for improvement in this area. By filling out the form provided by Forcerta, companies can access the “Sectoral Cyber Security Risk Report” and better understand their cyber security situation. This report aims to create an in-depth knowledge and awareness in the field of cyber security and aims to contribute to the continuous improvement of companies in this critical area.

If you want to manage the cyber security risks of your organization and 3rd parties that provide products and services to your organization, you can get information about our Forcera TRiM service by filling out our form.

Download Turkey Sectoral Cyber Security Risk Report:

You can access the “Sectoral Cyber Security Risk Report” by filling out the form below to learn about the cyber security risks related to your company and sector.